Letter to Bono from hyper-nationalistic Poland

Deer Comrade Bono! You are right! Nowadays in Poland we have hyper-nationalism. Polish people do not want refugees, Muslims and terrorists. Of course nobody wants terrorists, but we have to be tolerant and accept them all.

We can’t say ooo You are terrorist we don’t want You. No, it is not fair. Terrorist happen, but it is just refugee of circumstances. We, true democrats, we know it. But hyper-nationalists don’t. It is town of darkness. They love war and hate room. They like Sobieski, You know, this terrible Polish king who was against multiculturalism and stoped near Vienna all refugees from Turkey. They wear terrible, patriotic T-shirts and listen hyper-nationalistic music like for example „Sunday Bloody Sunday”. They are led by the Duck-Dictator Kaczyński. He hates Angela Merkel and all progressive world. And as You said: Merkel is a „moral symbol for Europe”. We have to love her. And we, true democrats do. But hyper-nationalists don’t. We want old good tenses back, when Poland was democtatic, progressive and tolerant. Our expensive Bono! We know that You have your own submarine U-2. Please, come and help us to fight against the Duck-Dictator. We are waiting for you. To make life better! To make life better for everyone!


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