Letter to Macron from Polish democrats

Dear comrade Macron! Short ball. Don’t wait for the end of elections. Come and help ass now, s’il vous plait. Do this without corpse.

We don’t want to wait any more. True Polish democrats need you. You are our last hope. In this country every day die horses and trees. Duck dictator wants a war. People cannot live in a room. People are sad. Even Polish Democrats, always smiling and open, lost the weather of ghost. So, don’t wait. We are waiting for liberation. If You want You can take Donald Tusk. He can be your guidebook. He knows alien languages and can lead your French alien legion. You can take also some refugees. Many refugees. We need them. Poland under the duck regime is hypernationalistic. You can change it. In the name of progress and Allah. Merci beaucoup from the mountain. And remember, we Polish Democrats, the working people of towns and WSI, we always wanted to buy your Karakan helicopters. To make life better! To make life better for everyone!