Dear comrades from Europe and all progressive world! Situation in Poland is still very bad, or even wurst. Every day die horses. Women can’t live in room because Duck Dictator want to kill them by bearing children. And women dust themselves and did black protest with black clothes and umbrellas, because weather was under dog.

It was very risky, you know, duck dictator without a small garden could send tanks on streets. And he sent. You can look photos. It was very terrible and nationalistic. But it was in august and black protest was in october. So there weren’t victims and bottling of the blood. But could be. You know, even if there are not tanks, situation in our country is like on a war, or even wurst. One polish ex-minister and a clock-specialist preferred to go to Ukraine and be there a road-specialist than live in Poland under duck regime. Yes was. Anyway black protest was big success and duck dictator did not kill women. But on any accident women did another one protest. Because one singer discovered that if you will make abortion you will have more space in your flat. And other women also wanted more space. But this time many of them betrayed democracy and went to work. Election Newspaper announced mobilization, but mobilization wasn’t total and grandfatherhood came out. But you know, people live in fear. Election Newspaper is last fortress of slow word and world in Poland. They even did interview with one dead priest. To defend Democracy. Nothing is impossible for them. But remember, dear comrades, without your help, even Electoral Newspaper will kick in callendar. Will die under the fin of duck dictator. We are roundly, day and night, waiting for liberation. Remember it. To make life better! To make life better for everyone!