All truth about ratings

Dear comrades from Europe and all progressive world! You have to know simple truth about ratings: a good rating is a bad rating. All Polish democrats are waiting for low raitings. Lower rating is good for our Democracy. Higher one supports the duck dictatorship.

Many people in Poland don’t know that our situation is terrible and their future stands under the sign of question. They think that everything is alright. And we have to show them a low rating and then we can say: Look! Rating is low. Progressive world worries about our Democracy. Business loves our Constitutional Court. And now they will escape from Poland. Because of Duck Dictatorship. And you will die. We have to say it and we need low ratings. It will be a proof. Maybe then they will believe.

So you have to remember – worse is better. Comrades from Moody’s agency did big error. It was disappointment for us. Now it is after birds but we hope next rating will be better, but don’t forget – worse is better. To make life better. To make life better for everyone!