3 marca 2024

Letter to NATO: Three important councils


Expensive Comerades from NATO! Nowadays in Poland we don’t have Democracy. We have Duck Dictatorship and tirany. So you have to be careful. But don’t worry. We, true democrats, we will give you some councils.

After first, you have to meet up with Mateo of Kiev. He knows everything, even how to do not pay aliments. He is a defender of Democracy, so he can also defend you. After second you have to ask all kaczists about Tribunal. When you will meet Szydło, ask her. When you will meet Monster Macierewicz, ask him. If you will ask, Electoral Newspaper will write that you have asked and Democracy will come back to Poland. So, remember, you have to ask a lot. And after third, do not go to Polish public television. They do terrible things. For example recently one wizard put a nail into a hand of woman from breakfast television. But they do even worst things. So keep yourself far away from TVP. Or better keep yourself far away from Poland, stay at home and only sent questions about tribunal. Yes will be the best. To make life better! To make life better for everyone!