Polish-Chinese border

Dear Comerades from Europe and all progressive world! Maybe You don’t know, because all progressive Polish media did’n write about it, but President of China was visiting Poland. And it is very bad news. Of course Wyborcza wrote that it isn’t important, without meaning and it is damage of time to talk about it.

But You know, it is just official version of truth. In fact all true democrats know that something is no yes. After first China isn’t the democracy. They broke first ice-creams with Duck Dictator and didn’t ask about constitutional court. Not once. They are without heart. After second, You have to know, China isn’t in Europe. They can join us to Asia and we won’t be Europeans. There are already some hypernationalistic jokes about Polish-Chinese border. Really. Can You imagine it? A nightmare! And after third they have a lot of money. More than Soros. So you know, they can win against Wyborcza Newspaper. And without Wyborcza people won’t know what to think. And everything can happen. So better help us, better earlier than later, because later can be after birds. We are waiting for liberation. Europe! We are waiting for You. To make life better! To make life better for everyone!