Prof. Binienda z NASA masakruje tzw. expertów Millera

Prof. Wiesław Binienda z NASA który pracował przy katastrofie Amerykańskiego promu kosmicznego Columbia ośmiesza tzw expertów Jerzego Millera na posiedzeniu Komisji Parlamentarnej Do Spraw Zbadania Katastrofy Smoleńskiej Antoniego Macierewicza.

Nagrody Jakie Zdobył prof. Binienda: NASA Lewis Research Center Fellowship (Summer 1989 and 1990) The University of Akron Certificate for The Collaborative Performance Review Process Training for Supervisors (June 18, 2001) College of Engineering Outstanding Researcher Award — Granted by the peer group in the College of Engineering (April 25, 2002) The University of Akron Fifteen Year Award (May 7, 2003) NASA „Turning Goals Into Reality Award” for valuable contribution to Jet Engine Containment Concepts and Blade-Out Simulation Team and Exceptional Progress Toward Aviation Safety (September 2, 2004) Certificate of Achievement for Faculty Mentor/Learning Assistant Partnership (2004, 2005) Akron Public School Certificate — International Baccalaureate Task Force Certificate (July 10, 2005) ASCE 2006 Certificate of Appreciation in recognition for outstanding service. 2007 Educational Talent Search Certificate for the University of Akron’s „College for a Day” Program. ASCE Fellow – awarded November 9, 2007. Polonia Technica Certificate of Appreciation September 12, 2007. „2008 Gold Award” – American Polish Engineering Association. NASA Glenn Patent Award for „Strain Rate Dependent Analysis of Polymer Matrix Composites STRANAL-PMS Version 2” — LEW-17910-1, June 3, 2009. NASA Glenn Technical Brief Award for „A Modeling Technique and Representation of Failure in the Analysis of Triaxial Braided Carbon Fiber Composites” — LEW-18435-1 June 10, 2009. The Louis A. Hill, Jr. Award, April 15, 2010.