Progressive pluralism

Dear comrades from Europe and all progressive world! This is Tomasz Lis, better known as Foxdeutsche. He is a progressive journalist and refugee from public television. Now he works in Internet.

He is the symbol of old good tenses. And yesterday a half year of duck dictatorship already passed. And Tomasz Lis did a program about it. This program is an excellent example what is the progressive pluralism. He invited to The Internet very different people. There was Marek Borowski, a left-wing politician. There were Magdalena Środa, a left-wing professor and Zbigniew Hołdys, a left-wing artiste. It was nice conversation. Without any right-wing, stupid opinions. Only, good, progressive and anti-duck words. Of course they may not agree with each other. It is normal. One thinks, that Kaczyński is the horrible Duck Dictator, another thinks that he is the bloody Duck Oppressor. And they can argue. Wardrobe plays! It is a good leninist school of journalism. And all Polish Democrats fight for it. Fight for progressive pluralism in media. To make life better! To make life better for everyone!


Ostatnio poruszane tematy