Letter from Poland

Dear comrades from Europe and all progressive world! We, true damocrats from Poland, we are a little bit disappointed. Progressive media told us that You sent an ultimatum to duck government and on the rest there will be a room in this country. From monday we are waiting for liberation and european panzer divisions. Germans already have some experience in these matters. But panzer divisions didn’t appear and commissar Timmermans was talking about compromise. Don’t calculate on it! Duck dictator doesn’t know this word – a compromise. He wants to destroy Democracy. Not compromise. In Poland already there are a lot of posters with Gregory Schetyna and simple words: WE WILL DEFEND POLAND. Yes, we will defend, but only with your help. We really need democratic intervention. Just like in Czechoslovakia and Hungary in previous age. We, true Democrats, we are waiting for it. We are waiting for liberation from duck dictatorship. To make life better! To make life better for everyone!